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Jul 11 2010

“…And this is why I TEACH FOR AMERICA”

Friday, July 9th I asked my students to give me advice about what I can do better in the future. What  I should do differently and what I should continue doing.

These are their responses:

I think you are a good teacher. You teach so good that I thinking that u are goin 2 be a greate teacher :P

Umm I feel cool. And Idk, well don’t really know but I think your okay. Like, that you don’t got to change things about you. I think you make a good teacher. I wish you could of teach me next year :)   -G.A.

Well some advice for you is 6th graders are sometimes so hardheaded so you will probably have to scream more and give fun work and more activities but right now your doing fine cuz is so fun in your class. I am so happy I have you as a teacher.

I think class and your teaching style is good enough for a person that is training. –V.P.

What I need help on is that on writing because I always confus myself in writing. That’s why I need help on and that’s why I’m asking you if you could help me more.

IDK You are really doing a great job as a teacher. –J.D

Well I think to do this class better is nothing because everything is good. Well sometimes is cuz sometimes its boring. And I feel like doing work with partners but like we choose them. That’s what I think. And I feel good being in this class.  –F.A.

You can make the class better by making games and going outside and doing less work and to not give checks. –E.H.

This class make me feel happy and I am learning a lot of things that I have forgot and I think you are a good teacher and I like the work you give me and when I am in my first class sometime I just cant what to go to your class. And when I live your class I just feel not right. This class is perfect to me and I like it a lot and I hope that the people in this class feel the same way and like this class as much as I. And I think you should be a wrighting teacher and teach kid’s and I think I would like to thank you for teaching me….

3 Responses

  1. Mikey

    Angel, it sounds like you are doing amazing in institute. I’m happy to hear your kids like you just as much (or maybe not as much) as I do. Keep it up! I’m looking to seeing more posts, but don’t rush, it seems like you have a hectic schedule every week.

  2. Alicia

    That is so beautiful! I know you cried girl lol! Great job, can’t wait to hear the progress over the next 2 years and beyond!

  3. angelrl

    Thanks Mikey!
    I actually didn’t cry lol thanks Alicia

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