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Jun 21 2010

Miss, how old are you?

Today was my first day of teaching at F.M. Black Middle School. I have been assigned 6th grade writing for the next few weeks during summer school. I can’t complain. My kids were sort of talkative, but that’s to be expected with 6th graders. Overall, I have a good bunch.

Tomorrow will be the true test I suppose, since today was only an introduction of myself, rules, and then a writing diagnostic test. I just finished grading the multiple choice part of the diagnostic, and I still have to grade the narrative writing part. So far…not so good. Also, I gave out student surveys to get to know them better and some of the spelling is very behind for 6th grade. Some of my students are 1 or two years behind, so they’re 14 years old going into 7th grade instead of 8th or 9th. The good news is this is DAY ONE. Although we do not have a lot of time together,  I hope to make a difference in the short amount of time we have. Which is about 19 days. “One day all children….”

Funny Stuff:

“Miss, how old are you?” “Are you 19?”

After seeing their birthdays on the surveys, I said “Mmmm where was I in 1997?” Their responses varied from Elementary School, Middle School, High School to College. So apparently I could be anywhere from 19-30ish years old.
“You look like Halle Berry”
“Miss, you got tattoos!”

After stating my rules, and saying how I didn’t like to repeat myself. A student was talking over me and another student said, “She doesn’t like repeating herself!”
Tomorrow, is our first “real” lesson on narrative vs expository vs persuasive. And tomorrow is my first interview! I am interviewing for 4th grade Math/Science teacher. WOW…!

I guess I should talk about last week, which was the first week of Institute. Also known as the first week of HELL. For two reasons, because it’s hot as the Devil’s house in Houston AND last week was non-stop work! I wake up at 5:30am everyday Monday-Friday to board a bus by 6:29am. And yes 6:29, not 6:30 or you will get left!

I am at F.M. Black Middle School from 7am-4pm. Last week was full of sessions, basically lectures from 7am-4pm. So you can guess how fun that was. Wednesday night was the breaking point for most people, we have 3 lesson plans due the next morning by 7:30am. Luckily I finished two of mine and only had to do one, so I was in bed by 12am, while others were up until 3am, and then caught buses at—you guessed it 6:29am!

“My life is not my own.” That just about sums up Teach For America Summer Institute. TFA has turned me into an old lady in 7 days flat! It is now 11:01pm which is 1 minute past my bedtime. And honestly most days, I yearn for my bed at 9pm! I did not go out Friday or Saturday night, but I did look for apartments. This past Saturday I woke up at 8am on the dot! And I actually got OUT of bed and went to eat breakfast. Who am I??!

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